CT Home Inspection – Why Is It Important?

Buying a house in Connecticut is a big step, and you want to do everything you can to make sure you’ve made the right decision before you sign the final papers. One of the absolutely vital last-minute steps that too many new buyers choose to ignore is the home inspection.

A home inspection is what happens when you hire a professional to come to the house and inspect it for potential flaws and defects. Many buyers forgo this option after all, a home inspection can be expensive.

Actually, a home inspection is extremely helpful, and you should budget it in as a necessary expense. A home inspector will examine the entire house and provide you with a report, organizing the findings into categories like major defects, minor defects, and safety issues. They will let you know what needs to be repaired immediately, as well as what looks okay but should be monitored. Often they will catch things the sellers did not mention.

A home inspector looks for a wide variety of red flags. For example, they will examine the foundation for cracks, as well as check for proper ventilation, issues with roofing, plumbing concerns, electrical safety hazards, and malfunctioning smoke detectors. They know the signs of a crumbling house, and they can tell you exactly what shape your house is in.

If you have an official report from a Connecticut home inspector, you can use it greatly to your advantage. Have your Realtor present the report to the seller. The sellers have a few options if they want to keep the sale – they can fix the problems themselves, give you a cash credit to fix the problems or reduce the total purchase price. If they do any of this, your home inspection has basically paid for itself, as you’ve saved all the extra money you would have spent on those repairs.

Without a home inspection, you run the risk of discovering a serious flaw with the house after you’ve moved in. With a home inspection, you know exactly what you are getting and have a well-documented list of system conditions and overall home condition. Hire a home inspector for any house in Connecticut you are seriously considering.

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