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Staging your home strategically for the broadest appeal to potential buyers is one of the best ways to shorten the length of time your Connecticut home is on the market. With an investment of a little time, hard work, and a few dollars in these six key areas, you can vastly improve the marketability of your home for sale.

1. Wide Open Spaces

Consider selling or storing some of your furniture so that the rooms of your home look open and spacious. Take the time to walk through or view online a builder’s model home and take notes on how much and where the furniture is placed as model homes are decorated and staged by professionals who grasp how and where to place furniture for maximum impact.

2. Let There Be Light

Clean all windows, interiors and exteriors, and inspect any window coverings for dirt or damage. Take note of lighting fixtures in each room – are there enough? Are they outdated or mismatched? A home that is well lit on a sunny day with sunny windows and updated lighting fixtures feels open and welcoming.

3. Think Neutral

Walls and flooring of your home should be in fresh, neutral color palettes that flow from room to room. Remove old wallpaper, repaint walls, and replace worn, dirty or strongly colored flooring.

4. Kick the Clutter

Attack clutter in all parts of your home, from your kitchen countertops to your cabinets and closets to your basement and garage. Another key source of clutter that is often overlooked is wall space; replace personal photos with simple framed art prints that can be purchased from local discount stores.

5. The Nose Knows

Just prior to a showing off your home, bake a quick batch of chocolate chip or sugar cookies and leave them on a plate for your potential buyers to enjoy. You can also place bouquets of fresh cut flowers in key rooms of your home for color and for fragrance.

6. Curb Appeal

Trim all shrubs and trees around the front of your home and make sure your lawn is green and weed-free. Place pots of brightly blooming annual flowers around walkways and doors to add color.


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